What we can’t do …

At the risk of losing some advertising appeal, we feel compelled to inform you what we CAN’T do:

We can’t consult you in American, Spanish, French or any other national tax law in cases not pertaining to German tax law. German tax law is complicated enough, and even when procedures are similar in many countries, your best bet is to contact a tax consultant in the other country. Presently, we will introduce our cooperation partners and include their contact info.

We can’t give you any tips on evading your tax duty by illegal methods. As a tax consultancy, we are subject to our own liability if we were to offer or help implement illegal consultancy tips. But never fear: we have plenty of legal tips for you.

Working magic. We can’t work any magic. But we do know the due dates and how to extend them. As soon as you have engaged our services, you can forget all your worries about missing any due dates. We have it under control and even if things take longer than expected, we will make sure there are no consequences.

We can’t offer any free services outside our consultancy packages. We are a tax consulting firm with employees, office space, comprehensive software and much more. Even if some questions may be easy-ish for us to answer, we can’t offer you free tax consultancy.

These are the most important recurring services that we can’t provide, but others may arise on a case-by-case basis.

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