Are losses just as important as gains?

Today, most of you are likely in the red.
While it may be true that losses interest the German tax office less than than gains:
– Losses can be as valuable economically as gains
– Losses must be worked into your trading strategy
– The German tax office will obviously take pains to calculate your gains correctly, but the taxpayer is alone responsible for correctly calculating losses

In fiscal terms, losses are the counterpart to gains. In fact, they are in principle negative gains.
Tax-based profit assessments always apply to the calendar year.
This means that all gains and losses made within the calendar year can be offset against one another.
If the balance from gains and losses is negative, you can offset it against crypto gains from the previous year or, if there are none, against your gains of the following years.
However, losses from crypto trading may not be offset against salary income or other types of income.
Things get even more exciting when you work your losses into your trading strategy, bearing in mind the one-year rule …

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